Learn to cook and prepare the amazing raw and vegan food on the Yogi Café menu with Italian Raw Vegan Chef, Jordy Poggi. Jordy, is an Italian raw food chef. His career to date has been focussed on developing and teaching a healthy, sustainable and conscious way of eating. As an Italian, of course for Jordy, it’s equally important that the food that he creates both looks and tastes amazing!

"Italians love food and pleasure. Being one, the passion for the great food runs through my veins. I love to express my creativity creating food to pleasure customers through a unique experience involving all of the senses while taking care of the planet, the animals and the health"

We offer a variety of classes, available at either of the Yogi Cafes or at your own home or villa. These include:

Juice & Blend  – during this 1 ½ hour class you will learn the use of a slow juice machine, how and why to combine certain fruit & vegetable combinations in ways that are both tasty and super good for your health. Using one of our industrial blenders, you will also learn to create delicious and nutritious smoothies including our famous “Strawberry Fields”, “Yellow Submarine” and “Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie”. And…of course you will get to drink all that you create!

Price 2,200 THB / person

Raw  Masterclass – during this 3 1/2 hour class not only will you create a totally raw meal including starters, nori sushi rolls, raw spring rolls, soup, a main with delicious dips and sauces and of course one of our infamous raw cakes or deserts, you will also learn about plant-based nutrition, how to combine ingredients and how to introduce more raw into your diet. Then the best bit….you get to eat the lot. Why not do this with your partner or friends and make a party out of it!

Price 4,300 THB /person or 25% discount for couple

Raw Magic Deserts – during this 2 hour class you will create and eat 100% raw and healthy deserts, cakes, energy balls and chocolates.  Learn how to make incredible sweets that are gluten, dairy, eggs, sugar and additives FREE. Who needs guilty pleasures when you can have GUILT FREE PLEASURES!

   Price 2,700 THB per person, or 25% for couple

Childrens Fun – ( ages 6 – 12) Kids love Yogi Cafe. During this 1 ½ hour class each child will prepare a healthy and tasty meal including juice or smoothie of choice and all natural ice cream. This is a fun way for your child to engage with real food and begin to develop habits for a healthier way of life.

price 1200 THB per person

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