In 1948, in San Bernadino, California, USA, the McDonalds brothers opened the first “McDonalds” fastfood restaurant with a menu of burgers, French fries, milkshakes and coffee. In 1953 their first franchise opened in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1955 the brothers met Ray Kroc who offered to take the brand national across the USA in a franchise agreement that made him a very rich man and has made history.

 In 2015, in Fisherman’s Village, Koh Samui, Thailand, the first Yogi Café opened shortly followed by a second location at Central Festival, Chaweng. Just like the McD brothers, the early pioneers of the burger as fast food, Yogi Café is pioneering vegan food as fast food in it’s supercool, superfoods cafes.

Yogi Cafe, Central Festival, Chaweng, KOH SAMUI

Yogi Cafe, Central Festival, Chaweng, KOH SAMUI

Now, the largest hamburger fast food chain has turned into a monster and last year finally started to see a decrease in profits.

. Such huge out-dated fast food chains offering food and drinks that not only damage our health but their production also damages our beloved planet are starting their demise into extinction. In the meantime, new seedlings of hope such as Yogi Café with an understanding of contemporary nutrition and food sourcing policies that respect out environment are beginning to blossom.

Our mission is to replace the huge Fast Food Corporations and other such fast food chains. As each McD’s or KCF restaurant closes down, so shall a Yogi Café open. Yogi Café will be a global brand offering a real fast food alternative representing contemporary understanding of nutrition and respectful food supply.


We are currently in the process of setting up franchises in Bangkok and Pattaya.  If you wish to be part of the growth of Yogi Café and the demise of McD's, then please contact us about becoming a franchisee. Whether your vision is setting up a single Yogi Café in your home town or to be the next Ray Krups taking Yogi Café global, we would love to talk to you. 

What you receive:

We will provide new franchisees initial training, beginning 2-3 weeks before the you are scheduled to open for business.

In the initial training course you will learn administrative, operational, sales & marketing functions and all menu recipes (food, desserts and drinks).
Training course 7 days include
Nutrition and vegan basic information
Ingredients, Organic and Superfood
Menu recipes
Service standard
Suppliers information
Marketing Social networks
Also franchisees will get experience through working in our cafe 3-5 days after 7 days course.
We will provide on-site training for a period of 3 days to assist the you in the commencement of operations. (for franchise in Thailand only).
We will add information about new brunch to our website and social networks. Or franchisees can do their own website (for foreigner countries).
What we give for franchisees
Banner stand
Business card
Uniform with Logo and printing
Prices stickers for desserts showcase, superfood and take away glasses.
Menu (food, drinks)
As-built drawing
POS system

Also besides cafe you get
Teaching cooking class
Catering in area
Detox program
Birthday cake

There are 2 options available for Franchise opportuninites. 

Option 1 Large. FOOD, DRINK AND DESSERTS.250,000 THB ($7,058US)

Option2 Small. DRINKS, DESSERTS. 190,000 THB ($5364US)

Please make an enquiry here