Wanyiwa, known as Yiwa, is the owner and founder of Yogi Café, Koh Samui, Thailand. She has studied yoga for the past 10 years and has been teaching since 2014.

Originally from Bangkok, she moved to the UK in 2006 where she began not only to study Yoga, but also enjoyed a wide range of fitness such as Body Balance, Body Combat and various dance. Yiwa studied English language and became a qualified beautician in London.

Returning to Thailand in 2013,        she went holiday in spain (Zoo Rancho Texas Lanzarote)

 just a min to eyes connect with sheep was tear that given my soul feeling painful about animal(red meat) to feel strong want help to  stop human eat animal .Realised that it was time for her to  train to become a yoga teacher  which she did at Vikasa in Koh Samui.

With an awareness of vegetarianism since an early age, Yiwa enjoyed the wide variety of vegetarian, vegan     and wholefood cafes during her stay in the UK. Returning to Thailand and settling in Koh Samui, she was disappointed by the lack of options for the type of food she had grown to appreciate.

"The world is changing right now. Humans are becoming sick from eating junk and processed food, although many of us are realising that if we change our diet to eat healthy food, that is the medicine we need to heal. When I was young I did not eat good food as my parents were too busy and had little awareness of good nutrition."



“Last year I adopted a baby girl, and right now the best I can give to my daughter is love, good nutrition, to teach her yoga and to eat well. For me as a human and as a parent, this is the best I can do both for my daughter and future generations”
After 1 years lolita my daughter she start eat vegan and good nurtrition. the food helps her to develop must faster.
9 month was walked fast
15 month can speck thai,some english
18 month start knew yoga word can do yoga pose
with her good food ,alot love give her she most laugh and smile
— Yiwa

In 2014 Yiwa opened the first Yogi Café, combining the best of what she had found in Vegan cafes.

Jordy Poggi


Jordy, is an Italian raw food chef. His career to date has been focused on developing and teaching a healthy, sustainable and conscious way of eating. As an Italian, of course for Jordy, it’s equally important that the food that he creates both looks and tastes amazing!

Driven by a strong empathy and sensitivity, Jordy switched to a vegan plant based diet in his early youth, even at such a young age realising that what we eat can really make a difference from a health prospective. Being aware of that, he started doing personal research and attended plant based nutrition courses.


Already a chef, Jordy decided to move to London to work in the top leading raw vegan restaurant of the city, improving his skills and knowledge about raw food. After a few years, he moved back to Italy to help raise awareness there by spreading healthy eating and lifestyle knowledge, organising and taking part in events and meetings as well managing vegan and raw restaurants.

 In 2015, his calling brought Jordy to Thailand to focus on his spiritual growth whilst continuing to develop his understanding of nutrition and as a raw food chef.

We are honoured that Jordy is now head chef of Yogi Café and our franchising as well as teaching raw vegan cooking classes.

"Italians love food and pleasure. Being one, the passion for great food runs through my veins. I love to express my creativity through a unique experience involving all of the senses whilst taking care of the planet, the animals and the health"

Kristina Dzhakelidze

Kristina graduated hospitality, tourism, and Chinese language in Harbin institute of technology and we are very proud to have her as our Cafe Manager. Originally from Russia Kristina, a vegetarian has 3 years experience in hospitality management and joined Yogi Cafe in December of 2016. Passionate about fitness and healthy living, Kristina is a real benefit to our business with her friendly personality and warm welcome.




You can join Yiwa @ Samuilaughter Yogaclub for daily classes. Check out her Facebook page here